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My name is Christina and I am a current student at Delaware Valley University. There, I am studying wildlife management and conservation. I have high hopes of becoming a veterinarian and just finished applying during the past fall. Needless to say, I love animals. I work at a local veterinary clinic, so I am very confident in handling all sorts of animals. Many people do not like or are used to handling birds and reptiles, but I can do that, too. I own a cat and two bearded dragons at the moment.

So, please check out my services. Rates are also below and there is a form at the bottom of the page if you’d like to request more information and/or book your dates! I serve the Bucks County, Pennsylvania area, but am open to other areas in the vicinity. Just ask!

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Your pets are your babies. You want the best for them. Kennels are a good option most of the time, but wouldn’t you prefer if your animal could be more comfortable? Let them stay at home!

They will be used to the same sounds and smells as usual and will be less stressed as their schedule will not change. Also, for dogs, staying at home means no kennel cough vaccination requirement!


Dog Walking

If you have long work days or just need some help taking your dog(s) out, I can be there! This option is perfect for families whose dogs just need some fresh air and a potty break throughout the day. Dog walks are done in between regular work days (~10:00am – 2:00pm). You can ensure your pet is in good hands!

Rates: $10/visit or $40/ M-F daily walks


+$1/ additional dog

Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting services are wonderful for your summer vacations and outings. We will be there for up to 4 visits per day. Each visit lasts for a guaranteed minimum of 30 minutes, but if requested, a sitter can stay for up to an hour per visit. This can allow your pets to be out of their crate, room, etc. For a little longer each day.

For birds and exotics, stays are shorter (if they are the only pets being taken care of). However, you can guarantee we will rotate lights for reptiles, feed them however often you usually do, and give them attention! If you have any special requests/instructions for your exotics, please let us know.



$5 additional for each pet/visit

For a reptile/bird ONLY visit: $15/visit


Administering Medication

Getting a dog to swallow a pill is tough. Getting a cat to do it is even harder. We understand. Luckily, as a vet assistant, I have experience doing this many times as well as with my own pets. If your pet needs an insulin shot or a syringe full of medication, we can do that too. Administering medication can be an addition to a pet sitting session or a stand-alone. Just let us know!


Standalone: $5 for pills, supplements/vitamins, oral or eye medication

$7 for injections like insulin

Add-on to a pet sitting service: +$3/visit (or per day if it only needs to be done once per day)

Transportation (Vet and Grooming Transport)

Everyone knows making doctor and grooming appointments is tough. The schedules are tight and always full, plus you have to work! So what is a pet owner to do? Call us! We can drive your pet wherever it needs to go! Just pay us the cost of the grooming/vet service + a small transport fee and you’re good to go!


$20 (for a location within 5 miles of your house and within Bucks County)

For further visits…$30 flat rate + $2/mile


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